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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas in our Trailer House a first for US




Looking back on our first Christmas away from home. We decked the halls (trailer) to bring some Holiday Sprit. Wait there were no presents dam Santa didn’t forward the gifts.

Marti and I had a Great Holiday but the M & M’s. We thought lets go out for dinner OK. We ended up in Dendenin    Florida. The joint was High Class. I thought it was like putting Perfume on a Pig for Me. Marti on the other hand Looked Great.



The Chow was Great but the service was sub par. We had a great time with each other. I goofed around and Marti got embarrassed. Like I told her Who Cares !!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Chattanooga Tenn. or Georgia


We stopped in the mountain city of Chattanooga. We couldn’t miss a ride on the train.



This train goes straight up the mountain with one train going up and the other on the way down.


The view would have been great but it was a Cloudy Foggy Day. There’z always next time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well we finally made it to Nashville Tn. We left home with the thoughts of driving about 330 miles, but rolling along I pushed to Nashville. The only problem was the Dam GPS quit while going thru Nashville. We got settled in at a nice CG.

Marti has always wanted to see the Radio City Rockettes well in Chicago, the were coming but not till after we left. I searched and found out they were in Nashville. I got some great tickets as they were second row center stage. I was the Good Husband that day, I never told her the cost of the tickets.

We also saw the show of Shrek the Halls. This was a show of Ice Sculptures, Yes Ice needs to be Cold too. The Temp inside was 9 Degrees yep that’s right. Two Old Birds go south to keep warm and they go in an Ice House Dumb !!!






When you got to go You got to Go


Shrek and his buddy I won’t know who he is ?? Just ask a kid they will know


We did have a great time once we Warmed Up

Wish I had some pictures of the Rockettes  I still have the images burnt into my head. Yep I keep trying the High Kicking.


Traveling Yogi and Gus


Well we wondered how Gus would take to going back to the RV. Gus loved the living to the Cellar at home. Our Crazy Cat would use the hallway for a Runway. Well being blind in one eye and going the Speed of Cat, his Brakes Failed a time or two. The Amish cabinets really stopped him, the Goof would lay there and wonder  What Happened ??


Gus is always ready to help Grammie with a Quilt. Well the quilt table is back home & Gus in Rolling down the road.


Yogi is telling OK Gus let’s go !!! so we hit the road.IMG_0215

Tough Day Traveling right Gus


Yogi just asked me Ok Where’z my Pictures ??? OK YogiDSCN2889

That’s better !!!


Get this Cat away from me Now

OK More to follow and yes Gus is doing well in the little trailer.

Reflecting Back on Four Winters of Travel


Ok we are here in Florida for parts of the Winter. I was thinking today what a great life we have. This is the start of our fourth winter in Warm weather. I can honestly say I don’t miss the Snow Shovel or the Traffic Jams. I will say I have Never Seen Mosquitoes as Big as here.

I tell Marti everyday how fortunate we are to be able to live our lives traveling this Great Country. We meet new people every day, hey some you won’t mind breaking Bread with others wouldn’t be so Lucky.

One of the down sides is times we miss stuff at home both with our kids MJ & Mark Ok we miss the dogs too. We really miss our Church& friends, but traveling is some thing we always wanted to do. I guess people will have to allow us to explore our dreams, hey it is our Life.



This year we are doing something different as we will be with new friends for the Christmas Holiday. Heck we haven’t met the New Friends yet. I’m not sure how this is going to work out as I will really Miss our family Christmas Eve and the Celebration of the birth of Christ. Well as the saying goes Times are a Changing !!


Today we decorated the 5th wheel and it was 80 degrees that’s a first too. I will be looking for some more lights to Spark Up the RV site.



We have been using the electric fireplace so we can’t hang Yogi or Gus’s stockings. We just hope Santa stops here with our gifts I know Yogi will be on his Best Behavior, and Gus no one Knows.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

There’z a New Cat in the House ……. GUS



Ok I’m Gus the new cat. I was alone at the Mercer County Fairgrounds. I was in a pack of four or five kittens. I was the Runt of the litter I got picked on and Lost an Eye in a scrap. Well a Rally came to the Fair Grounds and I thought this might just be my way Out of Here !! There was 200 RVers there with some nice warm houses, WOW. I thought I wonder if I could find a Sucker (wait a Mommy).

IMG_0101Hello there Lady my name is ???? Well why don’t you name me. I‘m Hungry too. Please get me something to eat Please.

IMG_0105You know I think this might work out here. Nice Kitty !!! O now how about that food ??? Mommy ?


Please let me in (Mommy)

Well as everyone knows Marti has a Bad Eye too. Hey I told her match Made in Heaven.


                            I made It !!!!     Let’s Eat


              I hit a Gold Mine Here




Wait a Minute what the Hell is That a Bear ??? Mommy Help !!! OK what is a Yogi ?? Yogi is your brother Gus, ok I hope he doesn’t think I taste like Chicken.


Well we were on our journey for six weeks I loved it too. I think I have a Home thanks Mommy !!


Wait we have a new home too with out wheels too in a cellar. Wow I have a Runway to race around.


Hey we get Ice Cream too. Where’z my Bully Brother's & Sisters Now  the little runt hit Pay Dirt !!!


Well I’m so Happy to be here I even like playing with Big Bro Yogi too.


  Want me to Help Mommy ???


I Really got it Made Here too !!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good–Bye to Another Viet Nam Veteran Today

Well today was another sad day as we said our Good-Byes to yet another Viet Nam Veteran. This guy was special Dale Stringham. Dale it was my Honor to know you and to call you my Brother.

         Semper Fidelis; Always Faithful

Dale was a really Great guy that had a vision to start a local veterans group. Well back in the seventy’s the VFW or American Legion really didn’t want the Viet Nam vets. Well as the press said we were Baby Killers and Dope heads and just plain Crazy.

I always think back as a Viet Nam Veteran it was something you didn’t talk about to anyone as someone would ask. How many Baby's did you Kill. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. I think now Dale gave us the Pride to say

        I’m a Viet Nam Veteran and Dam Proud of It.       

Well let’s see on day I got a post card some forty years ago. Welcome to a new chapter of the Viet Nam Veterans of America. Please come to the meeting at Mickey's Tap in the basement. Well I nothing else to do so I went, now I’m not a club person. Heck I don’t like crowds or for that matter People. I remember to this day I met a couple really neat guys. I sat next to this Good Old Boy named Denny Fox and met Dale Stringham. The chapter took some where around a year to get formed.

We were Official Viet Nam Veterans Chapter 153. I think it took Dale a month to get the smile off his face as his dream was real. Someone got the idea that we needed to give back. We I’m not sure just how many local Parades we Marched in but my feet still Hurt.

       vva logo

I think back as I remember how many great things Dale pushed the Chapter into doing, well we are veterans and need pushing. There was a screening for Agent Orange, also going to see consoler for treatment of PTSD that a lot of guys suffered from. Heck it took me forty years to get help I argued with the VA Dr’s that I was fine. Ok Dr. you were right.

The story I love the best was a late night phone call from Dale wanting to hold a Bingo Night. I thought Ok Dale is nuts too, but he told me about being Hospitalized and being Broke. Dale went on to tell me they held a Bingo and he won a couple Bucks. We went out of our way to hold this Bingo at the North side VA Hospital. I think Dale was one Happy Marine that night. 

Dale would always be reading newsletters from other chapters. Yep I thought the guy was just plain smart. Well chapter wise the plain was go to Washington DC to the wall and Dedication of the Honor Guards over looking the wall. That was November 11 Veterans Day. The Wall the most Moving place on earth. I think back of the 58,000 plus names on that Granite.



Good Bye my friend !! Until we meet Again !!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey it’s Just Cataract Surgery !!!


Well Marti thought it’s just cataract surgery Right. Yep that’s what everyone thought. Marti had the surgery back in November of 2011

Ok no problem. The cataract surgery didn’t go good as Marti ended up with Vitreous Debris. We went to see a Specialist much better than the Quack from before. Wait back to the Quack for Lazar treatment OK. We the right eye got some what better. Off to Texas a month late.

Back home in April with more eye problems. Dam back to the Quack more lazar. Two weeks later more lazar this time too much lazar. Well back to the Quack. Now he says you have a detached Retina (Not Good)

Well back to the specialist, now this is Memorial day weekend Saturday. Ok maybe surgery on Sunday but the hospital is a Trauma center Oop’s  too many Traumas. Different hospital on Thursday morning ok wait as we get with in two miles from the hospital phone rings the Dr. is Sick What. Hey everybody gets sick right. well the specialist is Passing a kidney stone. The good Dr. calls from the ER to tell us how sorry he is.  Ok I believe you Dr. Ok back to Saturday surgery this time at a different Hospital. Repaired the Torn Retina. Surgery complete everything goes Great !! Marti has to sleep on her side for five days as they have a gas bubble in the eye to hold the Retina. Things are Look in good WAIT back to the specialist. Marti say’z some thing is wrong.


This time they check the eye and she has a hole in the Macula they schedule surgery for a week Wait too many scheduled. Marti tells the Dr. Wait I need this fixed ASAP as we are ready to travel. The Great Dr. say’z Ok Saturday just two days before his vacation Wow what a guy. Heck everyone in the offices are great too. The surgery went as scheduled but this time Poor Marti has to keep her head Down for five days. That meant holding your head down for 24 hours a day. We rented some special chairs and cushions and some head support to hold your head down. Sleeping with your face down was a real treat. Poor Marti was nearly sleepless for the last three days.     


   We are hoping things get better soon, as Marti told the great Dr. we have a lot of traveling. I was so surprised to hear her tell the Dr. that !!

                                 That’s my Girl

Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Our Baby some TLC


We needed to get some warranty issues fixed on the Mobile Suite and a couple upgrades. I just had to have automatic satellite setup on the roof. Just pull in park the rig push the button and watch the sat zone in. I just love these modern features. There are times when I forget we are Camping wait I was told it’s Rving.

The factory subbed out the work to a local RV repair place that came highly recommended by DRV. Twin Lakes RV Repair in Lagrange In. They came to the factory to get the trailer. I just loved to kept in the communication circle and Jay was the best at that. I guess I as an owner I want to be kept in the loop.


Ok from left to right is TROY and FLY and the Leader himself JAY I will say when I got the rig back it was Spotless looked Washed and Waxed. I will say it was better than when I picked it up from the dealer as they need a lessen in how to clean a rig.Hey maybe Troy could show my dealer how that’s done. 

We had the problems fixed and added some new stuff like slide toppers. The toppers keep stuff (tree leaves and stuff) off the slides witch make me Happy. I don’t have to go up to the roof with a broom and sweep the slides. The real neat thing was Automatic Satellite on the roof. I love this as you push the power button and walk away. Then turn on the TV and Chill I love Big Boy Toys !!!

Yep the first time I tried to use it you guessed it a tree was blocking the line of sight. Well I guess that comes with time ?? and Picking out a site. 

We stayed in Elkhart for a week. well as my Luck goes the Bedroom A/C quit. I called Jay and they were booked up. I thought well dealer at home ?? Nope I called Twin Lakes RV and went back for their Super Service in two weeks. We just Love this retirement as it let’s us do our thing. We came back for our service call and the A/C was bad. The next day we got a new unit installed. ICE Cold just the way I like it. Marti sleeps with blankets and Yogi Love the cold too.

We are thinking about a Washer and Dryer next but we can’t make up our minds about a combo or a doubles. Marti say’z the campground machines are good.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alaska 20121 on Hold Again This Year

Well some times you have to wonder. We had planned on our Alaska trip of a lifetime. I guess being RVers one must accept change again. We had some problems with the new trailer. Trailer went back to the factory for repairs and some alterations. We are thinking since it in Indiana why not add some stuff on. Like Slide Toppers, Automatic Satellite and Washer & Dryer. I know we’re Camping !!!
Marti had her her Cancer Test that went Great.I had some stuff with the VA Dr.  too.
Well then our friends Phyllis & Jim had a problem and that was the last straw. We are thank full that they are OK after their problems.  
This is a picture of their Motor Home after a fire. They live is their home as in Full Time RVers. We were heart sick for them as they lost everything but as they say. We got out Safe and that’s all that counts. Jim was our Alaskan tour guide. They have traveled the United States for six years as full timers. I don’t think there is any place they haven’t been. The great part is Jim remembers every thing about their journey. I always like to call them when we are traveling and Jim tells me of a good joint to eat and that’s anywhere.
Marti had cataract surgery in November last year and then had some problems after surgery. I think they called virtues  derbie so Lazar Surgery to clean it up.  Well turned out to be a Torn Retina  so as of now we are waiting for surgery. Some times life throws you Lemons but with our Faith we’ll get thru this hurtle again !!