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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Year End Review for 2010


Well I sitting here in the Ice & Snow thinking time for a Year End Review. Ok well here goes I hope not to bore you too, much.Yogi 001

We started late with our trip to Texas as we didn’t leave till February. I was so happy to finally hit the road we drove 758 miles the first day. Woke up to 4 inches of snow WOW. Well we are from the snow belt so no problem. Texas was Great I visited with my Aunt & Uncle and my Cousins and of course Blondie !!!  We travel to a lot of places in Texas I really Loved this life style too as a Gypsy.100_1900100_1902

We got home in May as we had to finish the Basement apartment. We had some workers getting everything ready.  Took delivery of our new Amish Cabinets WOW they look great. We moved down stairs in July and I love it. 100_2316 

We were back on the road in August for four weeks. We went to three rally there. I learned a lot of good stuff at those rallies. Thanks to a lot of smart people. Marti took a driving school where she learned to drive the truck and trailer. Heck she can back the rig up better than me. I’m thinking Marti will get some seat time in Alaska next year too. Maybe on the Ice Road too.

Come the end of October we were off to New Orleans. We stopped for a couple days in Tunica Ms.they are noted for the Casinos. I donated to the slot machines, but had fun. We had a great trip as we toured the Big Easy. I guess the best way to say it was It Was Different Big time!!DSCN0206

We got back for some Dr. appointments the Sad news was Marti’s Cancer had returned. They suddenly I lost my Best Friend of 46 years Ron E Boy.

Marti has had the Cancer removed and had some Chemo treatments we are hoping the Cancer goes away.100_1414

We look forward to the Christmas Holidays being home with Friends & Family. Of course I look forward to getting the Heck out of here too.   We have planned to spend more time in the 5th wheel next year as looking at some in Texas this winter. Then a quick trip to Alaska. Ok we are planning our trip for some four months. With 3 months in Alaska!!! 

Ok I’m Done !!! Now your Job is to Leave a Comment !!!!

Thanks Wayne