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Thursday, February 17, 2011


DSCN0432We took a tour on the Battleship Texas. We had a walk thru History as we climbed the decks of the mighty old ship. This battle ship came to life in the early nineteen hundreds. Lunched in 1912 Texas is 1311 ft. long. Top speed was 24 mph. that’s not bad as her load was total gross weight at 34,000 tons. the total crew of 1645 men. This ship has seen duty in WW I & WW II. Fitted for the second world war the guns were changed to 10  Fourteen inch guns with a range of 13 miles. The guns could each shoot a 1,500 lb. round of armor piercing. They could fire off a round every 45 seconds wow that’s pretty quick too. Walking the ship was truly a walk thru history. I wondered if the old girl could talk she would have a lot of stories too.  DSCN0438DSCN0433DSCN0437 DSCN0430

I have never been too much for the old history, but you can see I have taken a new interest in it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Texas State Parks


We have found the beauty of the Texas State Park system. Wow they sure make the Illinois park system look bad. We have stayed at three different parks. The first was Atlanta SP this was a nice park but we didn’t stay long enough as we were only the hours. Just long enough too sleep and of course walk Yogi.

Our next stop was Brazos Bend SP. This was a great place as we stayed for a week. This park is located near Sugar Land Texas so close to relatives. With the city of Houston only miles a way we had some nice day trips too.


The next stop on the bus for us was Goliad SP. This area is loaded with history I mean Old History too. The state park was great too and Cheap as they all were. Marti & I liked this park the best as we stayed two weeks at the park. The weather was still cold at all the parks. Funny part was after a bad storm one night. The power was off for hours I guess a tree hit the power lines. I was out doors a the Park Police come buy to ask if we are OK !!! I Never had that before. That was Texas Hospitality !!