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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Houston Texas Firehouse Museum

We took another tour of the museum in Houston. This time a Firehouse with a Pole.





Marti was a good sport and slid down the pole. I tried it but was too fast for the Camera.


The trip thru the firehouse was cool


This was an I-Beam form the World Trade Center on 9 - 1 1


A Sad Day in the History of our Nation for What ???

Funeral Home Museum What ??

Yep we found a funeral home Museum in Houston. I thought what the heck are we doing here ?? We I’ll tell you that was really a great tour thru the History of Drying !!!



This hearse was Wooden a great restored piece of history. We saw a lot of old old stuff too. Thinking about the Winter months.DSCN0466  


I guess you had to be Drying to ride in these guys.



They also had a tribute to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


And for the Gambler !!!

Battleship USS Texas

We took another tour of the retired Battleship. The Texas battleship is now a floating Museum Texas style. The tour was a self walking climbing tour. DSCN0432 

The USS Texas has quite a history fighting in WWI ,WWII , Korea & Vietnam. We looked at all the Guns DSCN0428

They had a cleaning crew aboard too, hey didn’t get much cleaning done.



Ok that’s Marti & our fiends fellow RVers Phyllis & Jim.


This ship being retired they won’t let us Shoot the Guns Darn !!


Ok Your Turn Leave a Comment !!!!!      Wayne

Free Boat Ride

We went on a boat tour of the Houston Shipping Channel. The tour was great one of the people on the tour was a Barge Capt. Was got a first class tour from a Captains eye. DSCN0415 


We asked where are the big Ships. The Captain told us the Super Tankers dock Ten miles out of port.  DSCN0409