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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

………………….F E R N E R S………………………..


We traveled from Missouri up to Iowa to see our Family Friends the Ferners. They live in Des Monies Iowa. We were lucky to get into an Army Core of Engineers Park. We did stay there last year on our last trip. This was not a planned trip, we thought as we were in Boonsville Why not stop to see the Ferners.


Mark and Linda were our neighbors in Texas two years ago. Heck they didn’t get tired of me and followed us to Florida. We had a great time for the four months traveling thru Florida.


Notice the Ear Protection on the Guys !!!






Crap we lost Marti AGAIN, wait she took the Picture


Mark was a Good Boy and Marti made him a Favorite Cherry Pie. You can tell Mark Really I mean Really Likes Cherry Pie & is Happy Happy !!!

DSCN3335 DSCN3177-001



Well I guess you could figure out Mark is a bit of a Clown like Me.


I just can’t tell you what a Great Friendship we have with our RVing Friends. They are Truly Family !!!!!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

…………S U N K E N ……T R E A S U R E………..


We stopped to to find sunken treasure in Independence Mo. We ended up at a Museum of the sunken Paddle Boat called Arabia.The Cargo was recovered from the sunken ship that was buried 50 foot below ground. This recovery has taken over 30 years and is still recovering goods to bring them back to the way they were 150 years ago.


Here is some of the cargo recovered from the Arabia Steamer



This is the cargo before cleaned up. watching the process to bring back the nails was unbelievable. Heck they are cheaper at Home Depot.




The        Before     and           AfterP8130358




Just won’t be a blog with out MartiJeen

Monday, August 12, 2013



Ok we were in Missouri waiting for parts for the trailer. I thought why wait in Boonsville Mo. Loaded up and off to Kansas City and get some BBQ. We tried the Famous Arthur Bryant's and old joint and world known. I had a Turkey & Brisket Sammich the thing was BIG too.


Three slices of bread and a good half pound of each kind of meat. No I didn’t Eat the Whole Thing !!! Marti had pulled pork Sammie.


Notice Who had a Beer ????

Ok the food was good but now Marti wanted to see a Presidential Museum so we visited the Harry Truman’s Library and Museum. I would have Never toured any thing like that. Well who Say’z you can’t teach an Old Dog a New Trick !!! I really like this place and now want to tour more. Many know I wasn’t the Greatest Student in my Schools Day’z. Hey I’m a Slow Learner. 





Harry had words to live by here. THE BUCK STOPS HERE !!!!!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013




We have had our share of bugs in our Mobile Suite. Well I guess that comes with any RV well Maybe. From day one I always thought the RV pulled a little Dog Legged. Our trip to Florida my buddy Mark &  Linda said we were Dog Leggin.  When we returned home I was checkin things out and noticed the tires seemed like they weren’t tracking in line. I called the Man himself Dale Fenton the creator of Trail Air and Center Point. Dale said an alignment shop would be the best. I have check all measurements time and time again, all with in tolerance's. I asked Dale about Zack & Cara at Boonville RV Shop for the alignment. Dale said  if you come here we would both be under the trailer checking the frame.  Hey it’s only 420 miles and close to Kansas City BBQ. Why not a Road Trip Marti. 



Marti discussing World issues with Dale & Cara 

Here’z Zack doing the work


These pictures are from last years visit at Boonville RV getting Straight Line installed to our trailer. Straight Line is another up grade to our trailer, What is straight line. Ok if you vision a two wheel hand cart loaded up pulling over a 2x4 no problem. Well the rear wheels on a trailer going over the 2x4 are pushed. try that as it’s harder. Straight Liner changes all that to make both axles work the same. This makes for Easier Towing and Better Tire Wear. Ok Back on track, finding the Why the dog leggin and off alignment.


They changed out the four springs and re-checked everything, Dale, Zack and me looked the suspension to see what looked wrong. We looked at everything and checked all measurements again and again. Then Zack noticed on of the Center Point links was twisted. Zack loosed the link straightened it. and tack welded it. Then did the same to the other side. The tire alignment is Right on we are so Happy Happy. Wait as I was driving the Dog Leg is also gone too. This must have been bad from day one but the Dog is Gone !!! Wait Yogi is still here.

Who said,  just can’t get service like that any more.

Just call Boonsville RV    we did and are we Happy Happy

Thanks again Zack, Cara & Dale for the True Old Fashion Service !!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Well here I go again think in !!! Why

I’m wondering why do Good People get sick with Cancer


We have spent some of the summer taking one of the nicest people for Cancer treatment. My Buddy Tim has Brain Cancer at 51, that just ain’t Fair !! Tim was the Bricklayer that did the work on the house when we built it. Their family lives on the next road over (that’s a country term). Tim with his wife Debbie and their three Girls. Niccole now Married and a Momma her self, then Jennifer now a school teacher and the Baby Brittany a collage student in Sunny Florida  (Marti’s favorite)   We have seen their family grow, heck they accepted us as Family too. Marti & I were always invited to Family Parties.


When I take Tim for his treatment I know afterword's he needs to eat.(I never mind that either). I told Tim we are on a Restaurant tour  as we Never hit the same Joint Twice. I love going out on my scheduled days to drive him to therapy. I always try to keep him laughing and at times we have a What If but those are few.(thankfully) I know Tim will beat this as he is a Winner.    

Before Tim got sick if I said I wanted to do something around here not only would he come to help but brought a crew. I can’t say Thank You enough to Tim. We all would go out every Friday night for dinner at the local Joint.

I sure the could find a cure for this dreaded disease called Cancer. We have Lost some RV friends and a Lovely Lady Jude our Pastors wife and a great artist. I lost my mother some fifty years ago and three uncles.

Tim was over the other day. Marti was having a bad day. Marti said it’s just not my day !! Tim said Every Day is a Good Day !!!!

Wow those are words to live by !! 

Thanks Tim we both needed that !!

OK one more thing before you go to bed Please say a prayer for my buddy Tim

Thanks !!!