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Saturday, June 11, 2011

True Meaning of Memorial Day !!!




I was thinking a lot about Memorial Day. I think the true meaning of the Day was Lost. Lost to the Commercialized Memorial Day !!! Store Sales

Well here’s my version of Memorial  Day as I see it.With a Little Help from Don !!

Here’s our Family World War 1 Veterans


Uncle Ernie Dalhman


Marti's Uncle Phil Bonarigo



Here’s our Family World War II Veterans


My Father Gordon Aanerud …….. Served in the Navy


My Buddy Uncle Bert Dahlman Uncle Bert was an Electrician & helped get me into the Union. Thanks Unk!! Uncle Bert was in the First Calvary and served under General George Patten.  I also served in the First Calvary in Viet Nam


My Mom  MaryJane Aanerud , mom was a Nurse during World War II



GrandMa & GrandPa  Berthel & Mary Dahlman …. Grandpa taught you to Love the Flag & the Country !!! Gram kept us in Line


Marti’s Dad ….Joe Bonarigo  Poppa Joe was a Welder at Ford Aircraft during World War II. Poppa was our Camping Buddy.


OK I know your all wondering if Wayne is getting? Goofy? Well ok this wasn’t all my Idea. I was in Church listening to another one of Pastors Don  Sermons. I thought let’s remember the Veterans this Memorial Day so off to the Store for the Flags. Loaded up the Truck with the Flags,  Weed Whippier and the Camera & off to the Grave sites. I cleaned the sites up and Placed a Flag or Two. 


I did not post one Picture of another Veteran My Best Ronald Cernasuskas Ron’s head stone was not placed at this time. I did place the Flags on his Grave along with some White Castles boxes. Empty sorry Ron E Boy


WOW this was a rough one to write as we remember of lost Loved ones.

I salute you all ………….. May You All Rest in Peace !!!!

We did do what All Americans do on Memorial Day too



O’Yah those are Steaks too and they were Good !!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Texas State Parks !!!!




We visited three Texas State Parks this past year. WOW we really had a great stay in all of them too. Our first night was at Atlanta St. Pk. near Texarkana Tx.   We pulled in for a short over nighter as we got in at 9 PM and out at 8 in the morning.

The next stop was Brazos Bend State Park near Houston. We stayed there for 7 days and toured the area. The park has a lot of nice stuff to see near by. The park was a busy place with people coming and going. We met our friends Jim & Phyllis there. Jim is a great tour guide as he finds great places to see.  


Our next stop was Goliad State Park. The history of Texas is starts is in Goliad. I learned a lot about the history of Texas, I won’t remember most of it. I do remember the Hanging Tree, I stood Far away from the Tree. we stayed at the park for 14 days. We hit some bad weather in Goliad as they had an Ice storm. The Ice was so bad I fell out of the trailer when taking Yogi out at night. I was one sore camper after that, well a couple weeks later I was back to normal.



We found a lot of great restaurant's too !!  DSCN0529

Hey who said the walls would fall in ??

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texas Review 2011


One word say’s it all …… W O W …. what a Great time we had in Texas this past year.


We stayed at Texas State Parks and a couple camp grounds, also a City park and a Resort.  DSCN0664

We visited my cousin Rick and Blondie and met All the Family. Eat good (too Good). Met some friends and made some new ones too. I will say I love the RV life. My traveling Pals were great too.  






The best part of this life is we have no Plans !!! Marti even made a couple of Quilts in the Trailer house. Did I say I ate too much !!!








One stop was Goliad State Park the joint is full od history. I stayed away from the Hanging Tree in town square.

DSCN0921 DSCN0959






Hey did I say Family Reunion and More Food 

thanks Rick for the little ???    Snack  Yum  Mo


Did I say Quilts ….. The proud new Parents of soon Baby Cole

     Tiff & Kyle.      Marti made another Trailer Quilt !!




We had a great time at Cole’s Baby shower and of course met more Family. Cole was a No-Show !!!

Cole made his Grand Appearance June 1

Congrats for the New Mommy & Daddy !!



Loaded up ready to return Home to more Family !!!!