Livin Our Dream

Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yogis day at the Gulf

Well Sunday Yogi got to ride on a Ferry to Padre Island and on to Mustang Island. He also got to swim in the Gulf too. Yogi had a good time splashing in the Cold Gulf Water. Well we did a little sight seeing on Sunday on Mustang Island, didn't see any Mustangs. Yogi swam & tracked Sand in my truck. Wonder if me will clean it up ?? We drove on the beach for 7 miles din't know you needed a Permit. I made it off the beach before the Texas Rangers got us !!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Matagorda Bay RV Park

Well as we live our dream,
We stayed at the Matagorda Bay RV Park. WOW what a great place we stayed 9 days here. The weather was great some days other not so great. Ofcourse there was No Snow to shovel so that is a plus. The park was one of the best of the trip so far. ( only stayed at Two ) Donna & Dennis showed us the area shops, every one of them. We had a Great Time checking out the area. Yogi swam in the Gulf but had to stay on a leash because of the under tow. Don't want to loose my Pal. Well that's it for now, Hey leave a comment.
Wayne & Marti

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Hit the Road Finally !!!!!!

Well Thursday we finally hit the Road at 5:30 AM. I drove some 758 miles to Texarkana Ark. We got into a nice RV Park I plugged in the Electric and off to bed. Everything is going great. Well woke up at about 8 AM and we saw More Snow. I drove 750 miles south to see more snow??? We hit the road at about 9:30, took a wrong turn and went about 30 miles out of the way o'ya 30 more miles to get back. We were trying to look up some friends in the Houston area. Wayne didn't plan this right again. Well the GPS told me to get off the Highway in Houston. OK I trust you GPS Lady, now I driving in bumper to bumper traffic on the Houston streets. Well that won't be too bad if the 40 ft Jayco wasn't on the back of my truck. I gave up sorry Bruce & Sharon. Well we drove toward Matagorda Bay Tx. Well got there at about 8:30PM I was driving on a road in the Dark & I come up to a sign that says Road Ends in 1500 FT!!!! I wondered how this was going to end ??? Well as we went farther on the Right was the RV Park. The Manger came out in his PJs.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tired of Snow and want some Warm Weather NOW!!!

Well we were suposed to leave this morning at 5 AM for Texas but last nite after looking at the weather for the next couple days. I figured that with snow, rain & ice in the forecast till Thursday. Well being retired and having our Plans Written in Jello what's a couple days. I know that big snow isn't a real problem here but down south that's another story.
I did have a couple things that needed to be cleared up to so today. Another trip to the VA (I love that place) and we went to a Hospital to fight over a bill that was 18 months old. Tonite they called and said we have No Balance!!! That was better than a $ 4,000.00 bill they wanted to charge. We did have the BullDog working on our side
(Thanks MJ). I'm glad that we saved everything and stayed after the Hospital and didn't No for an answer.
Hoping for better weather as we have Hitch-Itch bad. We have places to go and people to see.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still Home in Febuary

Well it's Febuary 1st and we are still sitting in Peotone IL. My plans were to be south the first of January, but NO. Well I have had 7 appointments at the VA in the last couple weeks. I still have two more this week, I have to say the VA has the Best Health Care.
Then a 50th Surprise Birthday Party Saturday nite for a good friend. Hook-up Sunday load up and hit the road about 5 AM Monday. I wonder is there anybody that believes that will happen. Well that's my plan and I'm sticking with it.
We are headed for Texas but not sure where yet. Well as someone wrote our plans are written in Jello. I don't know what that meant , but I like it.
I picked up the Jayco from the dealer with all the work done, I got the Tail Gate repaired on the Black Pig this week so we're Ready in a Big Way. Texan's please turn on the warm weather. OK I'm done for Now.