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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Some Times Life Sucks X 2


Well sometimes Life Sucks !!!! Ok here I go in the last 3 years I have lost two best friends.

First High School Buddy Ronny E Boy died two years ago and now Tim, wait plus my Yogi my Dog. Heck I got nobody to rant and rave to any more. We were in Wisconsin at a rally and early in the morning the phone rings to tell me my buddy Tim has died from Brain Cancer. That sucks too as Tim was only 51 yrs. Old, and that was Way Too Early!! Below is the eulogy that I wrote and read at his funeral, yep I lost it many times too.

We met the Bolls 15 yrs. Ago as Tim bricked our house. Hey he never left and boy am I glad too. Every Friday night the whole family would load up and off to dinner we would go. I always had to fight Tim for the Check too.

The Boll Family Adopted us as Grandparents that was an Honor too. We were always included in all family parties too.


RELIGION: first and foremost ------------ is Not about going to church as Tim didn't always do but Hey he did lately and that's what counts.

RELIGION IS ABOUT LIFE ,,, religion is about Life and our soul and sprit the way we choose the path ways we take everyday and my friends Tim was a Leader…. in the way he choose to live his Life !!!

Tim never gave up as he Told me. I'll do what ever I have to do, if that means getting my noggin cracked again I'll do it. I thought Wow I can't say I would take that road !!!! as we all saw the pain he was in at the hospital.

One day Tim came over to our house. My wife Marti was having a bad day, Marti said Today's not My Day. Tim told her Marti Everyday is a Good Day. Those are words to live by !!! Marti will never forget that too, nor will I.

Well Another Angel gets his Wings, as Thursday really sucked as I lost another Best Friend. Wow I'm running out of Friends. Tim Boll was truly a Guy Loved by all. Tim had the best laugh too. I could always Get a laugh out of him. Hey Father's Day he was in good spirits even while fighting the dreaded Cancer.


No one loved family more that Tim. I learned a lot from him too as he would give family and friends the shirt off his back and often did !!!! Maybe you could return those shirts now.

Well in the months of radiation we would always do breakfast after that. We often talked about Stuff while we traveled to different Greasy Spoons.

Tim was so Proud of his three Girls and how they have grown up to be adults. The love of his life was Debra Sue. Tim always kidded Deb I remember one night when Debbie had Tim's truck out in the snow N ice. The truck wasn't good in the snow, Tim said I wondered how those tire would be ??

I said hey Deb Your our Test Dummy and the crowd went wild.

Well not often but toward the end he talked about how much she helped him thru every thing with this Cancer and his Diabetes. Deb the old T bone really loved you !!!

Then there is their granddaughter Addie Wow she was the Apple of Tim s eye. Tim babysat for her he told me he was always afraid she would get hurt while it was his shift. Old Tim was a nervous wreck too. Addie has named me Popa Wink and I love the name too.

I have spent the last couple weeks thinking Why and I don't have an answer. The only thing I can think God needed another Angel. Buddy I miss you and you left us way too early. Life won't be the same for the Bolls or for Us
RIP my Buddy Tim