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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

GUS the Cat here and …. I LOST MY BUDDY YOGI






I lost my Best Friend Yogi, when I adopted this family Yogi welcomed me in. Wow that guy is big too, I used to play a lot with him, I would ambush him when he came out of the Bathroom. Yogi taught me a lot, a couple times I was a slow learner. I didn’t know that Yogi’s Food was Yogi’s Food. I learned that a couple times when he carried he around with my Head in his mouth. Yogi always shared his bed with me too. I sure miss the big guy too. I’m going to have Popa finish this Blog.


Yogi Loved the Snow. We were in Texas when both him and Marti got sick. Well Marti took a fall while walking and tore a rotator cuff. Marti will need surgery to fix the tear. We came home from Texas to get Marti repaired. Yogi was having trouble going into the RV stairs and getting into the truck. We knew that his hips were getting old. While in the RV park Marti took Yogi for some nice walks. Yogi was is heaven to pee on all the trees. Yogi quit eating or really slowed down and we knew something was wrong. We called the vet when we returned home I was hoping for the best !!! The news wasn’t good as Cancer had taken over. Then the Vet wanted to give him extra meds to help him thru the Holidays. That wasn’t fair to my Buddy, Yogi was truly Man’s Best Friend. I sure miss him !!!



Yogi tolerating Gus Again. Yogi was one gentle boy.




Yogi loved everyone, as Jan said Yogi Never Met a Stranger !!!!


Yogi loved the water too, not just a pool either as he love lakes and oceans too.



Well I’m sure that Yogi is up in Animal Heaven. I know his Pals were waiting for him. Blackie the cat, Scarlet MJ’s dog and his Buddy Bruno Mark’s dog.  




Well I guess you  can see we really Loved Yogi !!!  We hope we brought a good life to a Shelter Dog. Yogi you gave more Love to me. I Thank You my Buddy. I miss you so much !!! Until we meet again You’re a Good Boy Love you Popa and Grammie

Saturday, December 21, 2013

WINTER TRAVELING of 2013 & 2014 NOT !!!!!!!


Well here goes, our winter traveling started out S L O W and from there got Shorter  !!! We left late as I needed to see my Cardiologist then a Stress Test. Well there went a week. Yogi needed his teeth cleaned, there was another week. We got out then we had a slide issue with the trailer. We got to Metropolis Il. the bedroom slide didn’t want to work. I thought Wait this could be a Long Winter. we decided to come home. a week later we were off to the factory well (Twin Lakes RV Service) as good as the factory. Maybe that was good too. ( you will see later ) Ok three weeks later we finally leave.All Signals GO.

We cut our trip short as we were going to Memphis and Lynchburg then threw Ala. and Louisiana. I scraped that route so we headed for Texas. We stopped in Little Rock Ar. I wanted to tour Clintons Library. Well from the Campground it was a mile walk. Well my back said no to that walk. The next day we headed to Fort Worth Texas. we met friends Phyllis (Mom) & Jim  we were in a COE park (Cheap) we spent Thanksgiving with them then on to Hondo Texas.

Ok here’z the deal Marti was walking Yogi and the two of them loved it. well all that changed the Monday before Thanksgiving as Marti took a Fall. The poor girl landed on her right shoulder. Well we thought a burse, in a couple days her are turned Black n Blue. Well Marti figured this ain’t getting any better. We found a good old Country Dr. heck he spent two hours plus with us. Like I said Country Dr. The X-Rays showed the shoulder has three fractures at the bone for the rotator cuff. Well lets get an MRI next crap that showed a Tear in the tendons.

The next Friday we started home Yep we started rolling on Friday the Thirteenth we got home Monday the Sixteenth. Then we had to clean out the trailer. All the food, clothes and most of the stuff. Normally we leave all the stuff in. I wanted to clean it all out as we ordered a new trailer. Yep same brand but we moved up to their best line of units. I heard that our unit will hit the line on the 14th of January. I heard a week plus to build the off to the paint shop. I guess then back to the factory for stuff. We will take delivery in Knoxville Tn. from RVs4Less. I’ll just bet they will be Happy to say No More Changes !!!

Well that’s it for us for now.


Hey does anyone know where my Snow Shovel is ???     

Saturday, November 23, 2013

………….FINALLY …………..GONE !!!!!!!


Well we really did it this time with all signals go. The Mobile Suite is working fine too. We drove to Caruthersville Mo.some 430 miles and stayed at a casino Cheap Marti lost 9 Bucks I didn’t gamble !!

We rolled out in the morning for Little Rock Ar. We  stayed in the City park Pass Port America also Cheap. I wanted to see Bill Clinton’s Library. My back wasn’t up for the walk so we passed Dam.

We rolled out the next morning to Fort Worth Texas to a COE Park yep Cheap too. we are here a week, then down toward Austin Tx, for a week. We are spending Thanks Giving with our RV Friends Jim & Phyllis. We are going to Alaska with them too.

Marti & I wish you all a Happy Thanks Giving Day  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

………..VETERANS DAY ………2013

Well we started out with a slow Veterans Day today. I thought about how our Great Country has Sold Out to Big Business. What is Veterans Day like any other Holiday a SALE !!!!
We were ready to roll south but we wanted to get the kids a new TV so I stopped at Best Buy. Well my day changed after that, I got a note on my windshield of the car. I thought another ad, I looked around and No other Cars had it. Wow it was raining but I opened it up.IMG_0833 The note read
Dear Veteran
Thank You for your Sacrifice and your Courageous Contributions to Peace and Freedom.
Your efforts are not Forgotten,
A Grateful Citizen
I have Never had this happen, when the Tears in my eyes were gone I sure had a Dam Good Living for the rest of the day.
I can say I’m Proud to be an AMERICAN time have changed from when I got home from Viet Nam over 40 years ago.
I was glad we went shopping !!! Thank You Grateful Citizen !!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013




I Had my stress test and some what passed. We got the all is good from the Doctor. Ok we roll out Tuesday the 29th of October finally. We wanted to go to Metropolis Illinois. I wanted to see my Twin Brothers home yep Super Man. Well we got into the state park filled up with water and parked. Now just level up ok push the button, everything goes good. OK now push the sliders out, Crap the problem slide isn’t happy and won’t slide out, OK I’ll talk to it, Ok now I’ll try talking nice. I finally get the slide out and the others go out no problems. Ok everything is good, well in my mind I keep thinking will the slide come back in ??? We bed down for the night I slept like a Baby.

Wed. I’m up early thinking will this slide go back in or ??? we had a nice morning talking about this Great life. Both still wondering about the slide. OK I tell Marti let’s try the slide, I didn’t want to do it. Well just like I thought we got Problems. O’Crap well now what, I have Marti work the controls and I pull on the slide. We got it back in that only took an Hour.

Marti asks what we gona do now ?? she really knew the answer. Go Back Home. We did have a nice ride to the bottom of the state. I was not Happy but I figured ………. OK WAIT ….Marti doesn’t have her Cancer back, I got the Ok from my Doctors. Life could be a lot worse. Ten years ago I would be Puking, Today I rethink our Life and the Little Things Really don’t mean Crap. Just a wiggle in the life’s road.

We got home Wed. called around to Indiana to Twin Lakes RV Service and to DRV the Factory. I got returned calls and then I thought lets Trade Up. I know I got to be Nuts, Ya I Know !!!


Just bet we could get some good MPG’s with this guy. Just don’t think my back would like this one.


We toured our Local Dealer Thursday and back Friday. Marti and I have decided to up grade to a new model Yep the same brand. I priced new units on the net and got some different pricing WOW. There pricing was all over the board too. Our local dealer was high too and was too proud of their unit. I think they may see Snow on that unit. We did get the Sales Pitch too. Come on Wayne Help me out. You got to come up with your price NOPE !!!! Well no new unit Friday, funny how they told me We’re trying to help you get back on the road. That’s true too but at the cost to my Wallet !!!


Notice the Dishwasher now that’s real Ruff in it !!!


Saturday I called the Factory to see when we can get in for service. We will be waiting on Monday to hear word on when they can get us in for service.I will stay out with the trailer and I want to be in on the decisions  about the problem and the fix. I’m hoping Monday I’ll get a call on when to come back in.  

Monday we will be getting some quotes on the new unit. I’m sure hoping I don’t have to stay home and buy a Snow Shovel. Wait I’ll use Old Yeller.          

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WE ARE ………..WANT….. A …. BEE’S


We first moved out into the country some Fourteen years ago. We met Tim Boll and Debbie his wife. Tim our Bricklayer that bricked our house. Well as time moved on just about every Friday night we would all go to the Local Greasy Spoon. Well from that time we have been accepted as Family. We have been to every party.


We have the Youngster Brittany, Jenifer and the Oldest Niccole 


I smile ear to ear when I see Marti Smile while holding Addie. Marti really needed that too.


Looks like a Want a Bee Grand Maw

Just think-in the term Want a Bee’s I guess we are  Want a Bee’s Yes we are. Ok what the Hell are you talking about ???  We have Three Want a Bee Grandchildren and one Great. Well being as the Boll kids have adopted us as Grand Parents or have We adopted them. 


Marti made Grand Daughter Brittany #3 a Cake on her Engagement to Matt

No I didn’t get any Cake !!! We were Happy see Brittany growing up.


Marti smiling when ever Addie comes over, hey Look as she has turned her on to Smoke ing

We are both Thankfully for these three wonderful Kids and Niccole’s baby Addie. Marti just Loves them all. Brittany had Marti come to Grand Parents Day at School. Heck we were Hooked.

  Ya you to Jen. I love to mess with Jen as I have always tormented her , but we had to listen to her Dumb Jokes too. Jen is a school Teacher in a town I don’t Like. Be Safe !!!

Yes we are truly Want to Bee’s  GRAND PARENTS and we LOVE IT Too !!




Well a good thing about being delayed from out Winter Escape is we were able to help at Church. We go to a Church that believes Giving comes from the Heart. The Pastor Don Borling has a strong spot in his Heart for Veterans.  Hey one of the reasons I Love the Guy !!


Well Sunday the Church had the Blind Veterans from Hines Hospital come down for Lunch. I have helped at this event before and a Veteran explained why they are at Hines.They are loosing their Sight and the VA is helping them adjust to a new life without Sight. ( Think about that ) I love helping at this event, the Bus loaded wit America’s Hero pulls in with a Motorcycle Escort and the Church's Drive way lined with American Flags !!!! Makes you Proud to be American and a Veteran too.




One of our members helping a Veteran here Pastor Don Welcoming each and every veteran to our Church


Heck we even had a couple Women Veterans they were a treat to talk too.


All the Veteran's were presented with a Hero Hat from our Church. That also followed by a Lunch of What Else a Veteran’s Favorite Hamburgers and Brats and Hot Dogs along with a ton of Salads' of every kind. I was approved by a Church official to work the Grill.

Wait did I forget a Soldier’s favorite drink Beer (yes that’s Beer in Church) and Soda or Don’s Swedish Coffee (guaranteed to fill pot holes) I Love the Coffee my self. Well it wouldn’t be lunch without Cake and we had Plenty too.   When the bus pulled out Tears were shed by most as we watched our senior Veterans going back to the great Hines Hospital.

This is not the only thing the Church does for Veterans as they also Sponsor a Bingo at Manteno Veterans Home. I always Love this Heart Warming Event.  

Friday, October 18, 2013



Well I’m getting Hitch Itch Again Bad Too ?? OK Hitch Itch is an a RVer term. That means I want to get Rolling. We have had the RV serviced at Twin Lakes RV Service in Indiana. Then we were off to Boonsville Mo. to get the suspension checked.  Well all systems GO !!! We have an Escapees Rally in Thomson Illinois. Then back home for a couple weeks and Bye Bye !! We are hoping to roll out west. going on I 80 to pick up a few more states on our Map. This trip may change with weather changes. I watch people shoveling Snow in Colorado. I’m thinking Snow, Mountains & RV’s don’t Mix. 

I have a plan for our route, but as our plans are written in Jell-O a good shake and the plans go out the window. I really like it that way too. Marti and I are Happy Happy with that style of traveling. We don’t know where we’ll be Sleeping at night, but we do know we’ll be in our own Bed. Ok we may have a Dog and a Cat there too.

I was chomp pin at the bit to Get on the Road !! Target Date October 14th Wait Yogi needed to get his toffies cleaned. Ok we’ll wait a week. Next target date Oct. 21st. Wait I need some Meds. OK call the Doc. Nurse say’z Come in for a Check- Up WHAT ??? OK but we’re leaving Monday. No Problem Ya Right !! I go Friday the 18th OK just hope everything goes right.

Thursday waiting for the Doc. Nurse checks Blood Pressure Good !! OK now they want an EKG wait I didn’t study for that but it was good. Ok thing are going my way finally. Wait the Doc. say’z think you need a Stress Test WOW now this don’t sound good for a Monday roll out. Nurse say’z call this number Ok hey they are open till Six. I called and get a date November 1st. WHAT so I start Crying I get another date of Thursday the 24th OK wait it takes 5 day’z to get results. I called the nurse she promised better return date


Marti always’z goes with me to make sure she Get’s the Whole Story


So once again I’m or We are on Hold !!! Again !!! Trouble is come the last week of October the Army Corp of Engineers  parks are closing for the Winter. I was trying to Stay Cheap on the way down for the winter. I have planned three different routes for our travels. The first was out I –80 but that plan got Scraped as the Snow started falling in the West. The other routes are South for now. Well I better Study for this Stress Test bye for now.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Touring Le Claire Iowa TV Show Grounds


We took a ride over to Le Claire Iowa to the shop of Antique Archeology as seen on TV (Nope) !!! I thought the shop was in the middle of a Corn Field well say it ain’t so. The middle of the Small town of Le Claire Iowa. The joint was Tinny too.


The joint was mobbed with people their prices for tourist stuff was High. The starts of the show weren’t there just a couple sales girls.





Looks like MartiJeen wants a New Car !!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

………………….F E R N E R S………………………..


We traveled from Missouri up to Iowa to see our Family Friends the Ferners. They live in Des Monies Iowa. We were lucky to get into an Army Core of Engineers Park. We did stay there last year on our last trip. This was not a planned trip, we thought as we were in Boonsville Why not stop to see the Ferners.


Mark and Linda were our neighbors in Texas two years ago. Heck they didn’t get tired of me and followed us to Florida. We had a great time for the four months traveling thru Florida.


Notice the Ear Protection on the Guys !!!






Crap we lost Marti AGAIN, wait she took the Picture


Mark was a Good Boy and Marti made him a Favorite Cherry Pie. You can tell Mark Really I mean Really Likes Cherry Pie & is Happy Happy !!!

DSCN3335 DSCN3177-001



Well I guess you could figure out Mark is a bit of a Clown like Me.


I just can’t tell you what a Great Friendship we have with our RVing Friends. They are Truly Family !!!!!!