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2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daytona International Speedway Florida


Well anyone who knows me knows I have Motor Oil in my Blood. I have loved cars and trucks all my life. Racing was always a dream too. I have Drag Raced and have Stock Raced, all small scale. We ran two cars at the old US 30 Drag Strip in Indiana, also a Stock Car at the old SantaFe Race Way in Willow Spring Illinois. I was under 21 so I had to sneak into the pits. I laded on the floor of the tow truck to get into the pits.

Well my love for speed and cars never left. I always loved racing. I loved to watch too as Nascar came to television. I can remember as a kid on Memorial day when the Indy 500 would come on Grandpa and Mom’s brothers would listen on the radio. Wow I sound old !!!!   

This year in our travels we toured Daytona Speedway. The tour was great too. I walked up the finish line and boy is it steep like walking up a steep roof.


We or I had a great time with our visit at this historic race track. I know that’s cause I have some Red Neck in me.


Our tour took us all over the track, victory circle to the pits and the Nascar Sky Boxes.



The tunnel is so big that two Semi’s and golf carts can go thru at the same time.


Jimmy Johnson was the winner of this years race. The car was taken from Victory Lane to the display. Wow win the race and Loose your car.


My all time favorite driver Cale Yarbrough, heck I watched him at SantaFe Raceway one night.


Well we couldn’t go to Daytona with out driving on the beach. The weather was cool that day so not too many people. Heck I almost got Old Blue stuck in the soft sand. Thanks to the 4 WD we got out I guess that’s why the sign said Soft Sand Keep Out !!! 


The Sand Police were not playing with the speed limit. Marti was Happy Happy to see the beach and wanted to go into the water. I told her I would see Ice Caps out in the Water !!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

…………………………RODEO …….

Well my Marti Jeen finally got to a Rodeo Mexican Style yep. Well not all Mexicans. We really had a great day watching all the kids and semi pro riders. I don’t think me or Marti will be trying this any time soon. I could do the Clown job but not in the Barrel when the Bull bucked it into the air !!!
Check out the Braided hair
Check out the Bull !! I don’t think Coors is his Beer. One Clown & Barrel ready for Launch.
                           Ok        Who’z            Next ????
This ain’t good for the Calf. Wait maybe not.

Come On roll over Please !!!!
Hey Pal that ain’t your Horse !!! Hang on it’s only for another six second s.
                              Nobody wanted a piece of this guy

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

……………….Navy Seal Museum……………………………


We were looking at the new GPS from Rand McNally as our other one Crapped out. I looked up POI and found a Seal Museum. Wow I thought lets go see some seals swimming. OK Wait I was joking !!




These are great Dogs I guess we are paschal to them as the kids have three of these dogs. I can say Very Smart and Very FAST !!!






I told Marti this would be a Great RV hauler too. I got The Look !!!


Sunday, March 3, 2013



                        SILVER PALMS RV RESORT




We moved up from from the Keys, hey no problem Ya. Our plans were for a Mom and Pop park hey did I say Cheap !! I called and asked can a forty ft. 5th wheel fit. My answer No Problem Ok well after 45 minutes' No Way !!  

Ok RVer plan two Marti goes to an App and finds a Jewel of a Park. Silver Palms RV Resort. We checked in for 4 nights for the price 3 well that was $ 300.00. The joint was nice too we thought lets stay a month, I tried to beat them down. We stayed a couple weeks and then extended two more weeks.

DSCN3461 They have one of the best pools we have seen too. The club house has stuff to do all day long, with trips every week. DSCN3468   DSCN3462

Lunch is served three times a week, Breakfast Sunday mornings O’Ya I almost forgot Saturday night a Dinner Dance. Dinner ? Campground Food like Prime Rib, Turkey with all the fixings, and next week Lobster Dinner. Please Pinch Me we are in Heaven.


Did I say the sites are nice too. This site is an owner’s site that are For Sale. we are looking at a site but not sure if we want to go to one place all the time. I guess time will tell, I still have some miles to drive seeing America too.




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