Livin Our Dream

Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Living A Dream

Well today I was thinking. (yes I do that sometimes) Boy O Boy are we lucky to be able to have the lifestyle we do. There are times when we have to pinch ourselves. We have been able to Live our Dream to travel this Great Country and see some really neat things too. I can’t remember how many people we have met and some real characters' too. Marti and I laugh at what a great life we have as we drive all over America.

  TEXAS 2010 052

Texas 2 015

We have been to some great rallies too. Ok at some rallies they have some educational seminars (yes you can teach an Old Dog some new tricks) I haven’t learned to put my dirty cloths in the hamper yet. I did learn how to write a blog and a couple other neat things. I have learned Fire Safety, Towing Safety,& some other neat stuff.




Thinking back we have traveled in seven states and will change that big time next year. Our plans are to head to Texas for the winter again and Alaska for the summer, along with a trip to New Orleans in two weeks.




There are times that we feel guilty about our life. We feel that some people are jealous that we travel. Then I remember that working construction you don’t get paid vacations or holidays paid. I guess it’s my time as a lot of people have five or six weeks vacation a year W O W !!!  So we’re off again o’well.




Someone asked do we get home sick You Bet !! We miss the Kids (MJ & Mark) & the Dogs (Scarlet & Hurricane) and their house with our new apartment in the Cellar. I realized that we really miss our friends at church. OK I forgot about all the relatives to and all our friends. Yes we miss you all too.  




Do we love our life you Bet !!!! See Ya on the Road

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just Waiting Again

Well we are waiting again for some Beautiful Amish made furniture. My screw up again when we ordered the stuff I told Clifford (Amish Builder) I said to Clifford We're not in any hurry !!! Marti was ready to kill me. We have ordered an Entrainment Center, two end tables, Kitchen Table with four chairs, a Sewing Table for Marti and a Computer Table for Me to write this Crap. 

100_2395 This was Goshen In. No Clifford is from Arcola IL. There is no Lowes stores in their area. Well at least not riding distance.

Well they said 4 weeks for delivery, that was 2 weeks ago, but. Their quality is worth the wait. Clifford built our Kitchen Cabinets and they are Gorgeous !!! Their Workmanship is the Best. Clifford said maybe in two more weeks, well you just can't Rush the Amish. Maybe that's a good thing, but this orange crate I have to sit on is getting wore out.    

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meandering Down a Road to No Where

     We we were at three rallies in the Elkhart In. area this last couple weeks. We took some side trips to Nowhere, just a ride in the country. We started out to fill the new Wine rack at home with some private blends of wine. We never found an open Vinery with a store. We took some Odd

pictures from Back Roads with some neat stuff. We saw along the way. 

100_2393 100_2392 100_2382


     Well it was just an excuse to drive and sight see our great country. Marti and I seem to have a good time just driving. looking and laughing at some of the goofiest stuff in the yards. While most of the time we forget the camera. MJ gave us her hand me down camera along with our old Point’n shoot Camera. The other day I bought a Nikon Coolpix camera now just learn how to us it. Well the joint did give lessons, but we don’t need No Stink in Lessons !!!   The first picture was a baby sub. then an anchor and a large Baseball. The last one was  at a metal workers plant it looked neat too.