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2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well today's Thanksgiving!!!!! We were scaled down this year for Thanksgiving, just the four of us and Marti's mother Tillie. We had a 10lb Turkey and a 7 lb Turkey breast, we will be eating Turkey for some time. I made my White Castle Stuffing that is always a hit and the day after too. Well all the Food was great Thanks Marti!!!
Today I think back to what I'm thankful for, Family that gets bigger everyday. We have added a lot of New Friends to our extended Family List.
I always think back 39 years ago when in Viet Nam Thanksgiving Day we were off No Flying!!! My regular pilot asked me to take a ride to the rear ( Bad Move ). Well we made it no problem, but on the way back we suffered an engine problem ( more commonly called an Engine Failure). When the engine in a Helicopter goes to sleep, you are really in deep Poop. We made a safe landing for us as we walked away OK ran away but (not for the Helicopter ). Well six or seven hours in the bush we were found safe & sound, well maybe we needed new shorts. I laugh at it now but I wasn't laughing then. I was one scared buck a roo.
I do miss the years when we opened our home to some Navy recruits from Great Lakes. We started with 2 or 4 guys and in past years had as many as 8 guys. We would feed them a home made dinner, then turn them loose on the phone to call home. The time always flew by as we had to get them back to the bus.
I miss the Family members that are not here with us any more. Thanks for the memory's.
Hope I didn't bore you Wayne now We need a Nap !!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stuck at Home

Well we are at home for the Holidays and that's a Good thing too. We love Christmas for the true meaning of Christmas!!! Well I guess the presents are OK too.
We took the Jayco to the dealer for some service. I told Marti the yard looks bare with out the Blue Bird out there. The dealer said they will have her done next week or before.
We are putting the planning for the Texas trip in full speed. Yesterday I received a Texas RV book. I will be calling the 800 # as we narrow the choices down, there only 300 plus parks.
Well that's it on this end, we have to get the Turkey for the Big Day!!!
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!! Marti will be shopping on Black Friday. Shoppers Please Beware!!!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Remembering our Veterans

Today I was lucky to go help at our local Veterans Home in Mateno Illinois.
Our church All Saints Lutheran put on a Bingo for the Vets. I have done this before but this time it was hard at first. The Troops come in the play Bingo. Some smiles, a couple grumpy guys but that's OK too, as not every body has all good days ( I know that first hand ).
I wondered how life has treated these Warriors?? Well I figured we better have some fun. Well being the Class Clown I figured lets hackle the Rev and the Bingo Callers. You see my Troop's weren't winning. Well my people started winning the more I hackled and all was well. A couple of the gents told me they had a good time and I said I did too. We served the group some Home Made treats. The troops were Thank full, I pushed a couple men back to their rooms. I thanked them for their service to our country.
Veteran Homes throughout the country can always use some home made treats for the warriors. At the Holidays the homes get a lot of stuff but, you can always drop off some goodies any time. Our family tries to drop off in January or February, Maybe you can pick a month any time to have a family bake-off. Then off to your veterans home to remember some veterans you will get that Warm Fussy Feeling .
Thanks for Your Time Wayne

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Branson Veterans Day Parade

November 11 2009 Veterans day

Well like I said Branson Remembers Veterans !!! We were at the Parade route an hour early No Parking spots. Hey that's a good thing. Well we got a spot and waited for the start. I have never seen a deal like this, Thank You Branson !!!

Thank's for the True Meaning of the words Veterans Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not just a Sale in a store.

Well here's some of the Pictures we took.
I met a couple Veterans who had some Health issues do to Agent Orange. Well as a veteran with some issuses. I told them how to apply for medical care and health benfits. When ever I can help a vet , I get a warm fuzzy feeling. That's the true meaning of brotherhood!!!!
Welcome Home to Brothers and Sisters!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Branson View Campground

We pulled into the Branson View Campground for a nine day stay. We got a double site that was nice, the view was Great too. Marti , Yogi and me toured the area. Yogi loves riding in the Black Pig with his head out of the window, he gets alot of looks too.
We toured the Escapees park Turkey Creek Park we met some friends from Illinois SKP. The park was very nice, they were very people friendly.
Thursday the newly retired Scroggins the Famous ____ Terri and Danny pulled in to help us cerebrate Veterans Day.
We went to a pile of Great Shows , Branson had some great deals free or half off for the vets. You just can't beat a deal like that.
I got stuck doing KP at the mobile homestead but that's OK too. We had a good time and had some laugh's too.
Well we are back home till after Christmas and New Years them off to Texas to be Winter Texan's or Snow Birds.