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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mayberry RFD




We took at trip back into history of TV. Mayberry, NC. Yep as we all watched the old reruns of Andy of Mayberry Show.

DSCN1659 DSCN1686


I did have to fill in for Sherriff Taylor too. One of my first duties was to arrest a new town Drunk.


Yep Marti filled in for Otis, she was Tanked up too.


The Darlings came in to Break out Marti.


We stopped at Wally Filling Station for a Cool Soda Pop, it was Good too.


                               Barney says



We had a Great Trip back into our Childhood history thru TV.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally Back on the Road


Well we finally got all the stuff done with Drs. and the Reunion so we’re Off !! We started in Ohio at the Gypsy Journal Rally. We rolled out on Thursday the 22nd of Sept, with Friday & Saturday School Days !!


The first two days was a Boot Camp. You got it up at the crack of Dawn, well maybe starting classes at 9:00 Eastern (that’s early)  The boot camp was on computers taught by Geeks on Just wished they could teach me how to type. This was a two day course and was the best as I learned a bunch. Hey I learned how to moved stuff around (and not Hurt my Back). I also found out what some of the buttons do on the top. Who say's you can’t teach an Old Dog New Tricks. Maybe the Blog might get better too.

We were off on Sunday then the rally started on Monday. Monday night was a drawing for Door Prizes. Hey we won too !! Well everyone got a prize. We had a great time here. Tuesday has been a day full of seminars with a lot to learn. Door prizes at night again Hey we won again Good Dam Deal. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip Back in Time


Rick and me took a trip back in Time


Grandma and Grandpas House on May street in Chicago. The tree is gone but the memories still are here.


We also drove down to our old house 8115 s Green St. in Chicago


We had to stop at Rainbow Cone too  Same location for 85 yrs.







Well like Life all good things come to an End as Rick and Linda head Home

Saturday, September 17, 2011

D A Reunion Chicago Style


Well we finally did it Yep a Family reunion. We did a test mini reunion in Texas in the Spring.


Ok the plan of a reunion has been talk for ever. Well I thought with the Help of Face Book we could do it. I invited all relatives on Face Book if your were a Dahlman descendent and on FB and a friend I invited you.  Yep we did it in a Big way too. What a Great Turn out too. People came from southern Illinois. We also had people come from Texas, O’Ya did I forget Sweden !! Wow that was a shocker when my long lost cousin Kristina said We’re Coming too. 

OK where to have it Soaker Farm. Well we changed the date once for our Uncle Hank. OK the wheels were turning with the help of Marti,MJ, Mark, Bud and Teri and Joe. We had three meeting with calls to Texas.

We need a theme October Fest. Now a Big one Where do we House Everyone ??? Well Teri said she would take Uncle Ray and Aunt Ginny with Butch but the stairs are an issue. Bud volunteer's OK Bud you got them. I said I’ll take Rick and Linda. Well how about the Swedes ?? Wait I’ll let them use the RV OK that’s done.

Glenn handles the games and a Great job at that. We had a ton of Snacks and the Family staple Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chili and Bratwurst. We had all the other stuff too. Did I say Beer !!


Uncle Ray (Texas) Uncle Hank


Social Time




         Emilie,             Bjorn and Kristina (Swedes)



                                                  Bro Glenn







                  Queen Teri                 Amy & Mark

We had Great Weather too. I hope everyone had a good time I sure did !!!

                                 The End !!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Guests at our Home


We had five guests at our home for the Reunion plus the four of us. We sure had a Great time too. Thought I would post some of the Pictures so here goez.




I’ll bet Emilie won’t look again for the Camera


                                                     Emilie and MJ

                     Friday night we went to a NASCAR Truck Race

                                 Looks Cold too




Sunday was a dinner at Queen Teri and Joes house.






                            Discussing World Problems


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost my Pals Bruno & Scarlet …… by Yogi


This was a Great Christmas back about four years ago. We were  a Pack of good dogs. My big Sis Scarlet was the Sheriff she kept me and Bruno in line too. Me and Bruno always slept on MJ & Marks bed. Three years ago we lost Bruno to a heart problem. I still miss my buddy as everyone always loved Bruno.




Well how do I start. I can into this home Scarlet was here to Welcome me. I guess we had some tough times as I was a handful. I had to learn Scarlet's rules too. We were the two white dogs always together. Scarlet was getting old and moving a little slower. MJ her mom did everything to help her.  We lost Scarlet last week. We have all had a tough week as Scarlet would always Bark a lot.

Well after Bruno passed Mark got a Belgium Malmö.  Hurricane, he was a puppy. Well he ain’t NO More !! Hurricane and me don’t see eye to eye as we had a few scraps.

Then MJ home fostered another Malmo. I thought this dog ain’t got a chance of leaving this place. MJ & Mark name her Storm, me and Storm are buddy's !!  




Monday, September 12, 2011

Cellar Apartment Done Finally !! Home Sweet Home !!!!!


Well our part time Home is finally finished.The Basement Apartment,and  Marti is Happy Finally. I just want to Hook-up to the RV and Roll Out to another adventure.

The Basement has been a work in progress as I started it about five years ago. ( nobody said I was Fast ) We started the project for Mark and MJ as they were going to build a house on our lot next store. We thought the basement was a good temporary home. Well things changed as they wanted all the land so it’s all theirs. The house, barn and all six acres.  Well I moved into plan two instead of a plain basement we went all out. Hey who has a 2,000 sq. ft. apartment. I priced Amish Cabinets and all the frills. Marti was very Happy with the end product, hey so am I.

Last July we moved down here and gave the Kids the top Floor or the Main house. We are really happy with the Lower level apartment. The final touches were Tile the backsplash for the Granite counters, also build a Laundry room. Well our friend Dave took care of the jobs and WOW does it all look good. The whole deal looks Great too. The only thing that should be missing is us. We should be Following our Dreams !!!