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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey it’s Just Cataract Surgery !!!


Well Marti thought it’s just cataract surgery Right. Yep that’s what everyone thought. Marti had the surgery back in November of 2011

Ok no problem. The cataract surgery didn’t go good as Marti ended up with Vitreous Debris. We went to see a Specialist much better than the Quack from before. Wait back to the Quack for Lazar treatment OK. We the right eye got some what better. Off to Texas a month late.

Back home in April with more eye problems. Dam back to the Quack more lazar. Two weeks later more lazar this time too much lazar. Well back to the Quack. Now he says you have a detached Retina (Not Good)

Well back to the specialist, now this is Memorial day weekend Saturday. Ok maybe surgery on Sunday but the hospital is a Trauma center Oop’s  too many Traumas. Different hospital on Thursday morning ok wait as we get with in two miles from the hospital phone rings the Dr. is Sick What. Hey everybody gets sick right. well the specialist is Passing a kidney stone. The good Dr. calls from the ER to tell us how sorry he is.  Ok I believe you Dr. Ok back to Saturday surgery this time at a different Hospital. Repaired the Torn Retina. Surgery complete everything goes Great !! Marti has to sleep on her side for five days as they have a gas bubble in the eye to hold the Retina. Things are Look in good WAIT back to the specialist. Marti say’z some thing is wrong.


This time they check the eye and she has a hole in the Macula they schedule surgery for a week Wait too many scheduled. Marti tells the Dr. Wait I need this fixed ASAP as we are ready to travel. The Great Dr. say’z Ok Saturday just two days before his vacation Wow what a guy. Heck everyone in the offices are great too. The surgery went as scheduled but this time Poor Marti has to keep her head Down for five days. That meant holding your head down for 24 hours a day. We rented some special chairs and cushions and some head support to hold your head down. Sleeping with your face down was a real treat. Poor Marti was nearly sleepless for the last three days.     


   We are hoping things get better soon, as Marti told the great Dr. we have a lot of traveling. I was so surprised to hear her tell the Dr. that !!

                                 That’s my Girl

Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Our Baby some TLC


We needed to get some warranty issues fixed on the Mobile Suite and a couple upgrades. I just had to have automatic satellite setup on the roof. Just pull in park the rig push the button and watch the sat zone in. I just love these modern features. There are times when I forget we are Camping wait I was told it’s Rving.

The factory subbed out the work to a local RV repair place that came highly recommended by DRV. Twin Lakes RV Repair in Lagrange In. They came to the factory to get the trailer. I just loved to kept in the communication circle and Jay was the best at that. I guess I as an owner I want to be kept in the loop.


Ok from left to right is TROY and FLY and the Leader himself JAY I will say when I got the rig back it was Spotless looked Washed and Waxed. I will say it was better than when I picked it up from the dealer as they need a lessen in how to clean a rig.Hey maybe Troy could show my dealer how that’s done. 

We had the problems fixed and added some new stuff like slide toppers. The toppers keep stuff (tree leaves and stuff) off the slides witch make me Happy. I don’t have to go up to the roof with a broom and sweep the slides. The real neat thing was Automatic Satellite on the roof. I love this as you push the power button and walk away. Then turn on the TV and Chill I love Big Boy Toys !!!

Yep the first time I tried to use it you guessed it a tree was blocking the line of sight. Well I guess that comes with time ?? and Picking out a site. 

We stayed in Elkhart for a week. well as my Luck goes the Bedroom A/C quit. I called Jay and they were booked up. I thought well dealer at home ?? Nope I called Twin Lakes RV and went back for their Super Service in two weeks. We just Love this retirement as it let’s us do our thing. We came back for our service call and the A/C was bad. The next day we got a new unit installed. ICE Cold just the way I like it. Marti sleeps with blankets and Yogi Love the cold too.

We are thinking about a Washer and Dryer next but we can’t make up our minds about a combo or a doubles. Marti say’z the campground machines are good.