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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Small Town …….. Desoto Mo.


    We had a sad trip to Desoto Mo. this week. We had to say Good Bye to one of our Dear Friends. Agnes Warden always had a Smile and Laugh.  Agnes will be missed by all. We PA130092met Joe and Agnes when in the Cardinal RV Club. We had Joe and Ag to our house when we were all going to Mackinaw Mi. I think the neighbors thought we had opened a Campground in our yard.
We met Joe & Agnes at a trip to Branson Mo 3 years ago. Along with Ten or more other couples. Joe and Agnes were the nicest couple, they treated each with the utmost of respect, what a great couple. I guess that’s why we love the RVing Life style.

We drove down to Desoto Mo. on Thursday a nice ride thru the rolling hills of Mo. The town was built on a hill that was really steep and some great turns. A cool old town that was busy in the fifty’s. Looks like the Railroad was the main business in the town.  The old homes are well kept  neat,some were over a hundred years old.

      One thing I never saw before, when the funeral procession drove the oncoming traffic all pulled to the side of the road and stopped for the funeral. I thought that was really nice and have never saw that before. Thanks for that Desoto !!!! a Real Town that never Forgot !!!! The service was held at the Catholic Church that Joe and Agnes went to and were Married in. The church was over 100 yrs old. I thought it was like walking back into history. Yet the church looked like it was brand new. I guess that's Small Town Pride !!!
Rest in Peace Agnes you will be Truly Missed   

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marti’s Driving School

Well Saturday was Marti’s Big Day !!!! Marti changed seats in the Black Pig, she went thru a driver course with the 40 ft 5th wheel trailer. Well she started out hooking up the 5th wheel. Then she drove out of the park I was sitting in the rear seat with Yogi we were both Good. Marti drove over to a local shopping mall. Well most of the stores had moved so this was the perfect spot. Frank the instructor laid out a back-up course for Marti to back into. Well unlike my driving Frank doesn’t believe in going forward to correct. Frank taught us to correct with the truck in reverse. Marti had the Black Pig going all over WOW !!! 100_2340     Frank showed Marti what she would be doing as she drove.100_2341  Marti asking Frank  you want me to do What ????

Well I learned a lot from Frank myself too. 100_2346  100_2342

Marti really did great too she has gained a lot of confidence with driving the trailer too. She drove the combo unit on streets & highways. 100_2354   100_2367

Well we got back to our site at Elkhart Campgrounds !!!! Frank asks Marti do you want to pull-in (easy) or back in ??? Marti chooses a back in

(I start to wonder if I have a New Truck Driver) Well Frank lays a row of cones and Marti back the 40 footer into the hole with No Pull ups WOW100_2375


Almost home come on back your doing great !!100_2377

Just a little more its only 40 ft long


Thanks Frank !!!!

Watching Marti drive Priceless !!!! 

Good job Marti

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yogi’s Day at the Pool

Well if in Elkhart, Yogi goes to Planet Canine for swimming!!!!

Thursday at 5 o’clock water wings himself hit the pool for some Fun Time 100_2326

They made him Walk in Slow !! No Jumping Woof , Hey this is Cold !! & Over my Head too.    100_2327 100_2331 Boy ,I sure hope my poppa got a four pack of swims. I sure hope Pam lets me rest soon or I’ll give her the PAW !!!100_2334  OK Pam I need a Rest soon. How about now.100_2338

O’Ya that feels good blow all that water off me Poppa like me to be dried off good. Ok now how about some Treats !!!100_2339

Hi lady don’t you just love me !!! Yes I’m a good Dog too. Maybe you could get me a biscuit Please !!!!