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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Reunion Texas Style !!!

Talking with my cousins for ever, we always talked about a Family Reunion. Well being down in Texas we got a plan and started working our Plan. The reunion was small but a Huge Success !!!

My brother Bud and cousin Teri and Joe her husband came in from Chicago. Of course Rick and Linda (AKA Blondie) held the festivities' at their Bay House

(DA Camp).

We all had a great time, but the four days flew by way too fast. We Laughed till our sides hurt and of course we ate like we were on the way to an electric chair. Ricks Mom and Dad also came down from Houston to be with the Gang. My Aunt Ginny took us all on a walk back to our child hoods. Wow that was Great too.

Nick provided us with a Great Fish Dinner Saturday, as they all call Nick the Fish Whisper. 



Chief Rick and Bud cooked up a Great meal. We all pitched in all weekend to cook and clean-up, well almost everyone.


I made my World Famous Biscuits and Gravy. Must have been Good as there was nothing left.  Marti and Blondie made some Great Deserts too.


This is the Worlds Best Coconut Bread Pudding with a Chocolate Gouache !!! Wow was that Great !!!



Rick showed us the movies from the fifty's I looked good a a Kid too. We laughed so much after all the Cat Calls mostly from the two Clowns. I guess that would be me and Rick. Hey if your not having Fun it’s Your Own Fault, Life is Just Too Short !!!!