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Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WE ARE ………..WANT….. A …. BEE’S


We first moved out into the country some Fourteen years ago. We met Tim Boll and Debbie his wife. Tim our Bricklayer that bricked our house. Well as time moved on just about every Friday night we would all go to the Local Greasy Spoon. Well from that time we have been accepted as Family. We have been to every party.


We have the Youngster Brittany, Jenifer and the Oldest Niccole 


I smile ear to ear when I see Marti Smile while holding Addie. Marti really needed that too.


Looks like a Want a Bee Grand Maw

Just think-in the term Want a Bee’s I guess we are  Want a Bee’s Yes we are. Ok what the Hell are you talking about ???  We have Three Want a Bee Grandchildren and one Great. Well being as the Boll kids have adopted us as Grand Parents or have We adopted them. 


Marti made Grand Daughter Brittany #3 a Cake on her Engagement to Matt

No I didn’t get any Cake !!! We were Happy see Brittany growing up.


Marti smiling when ever Addie comes over, hey Look as she has turned her on to Smoke ing

We are both Thankfully for these three wonderful Kids and Niccole’s baby Addie. Marti just Loves them all. Brittany had Marti come to Grand Parents Day at School. Heck we were Hooked.

  Ya you to Jen. I love to mess with Jen as I have always tormented her , but we had to listen to her Dumb Jokes too. Jen is a school Teacher in a town I don’t Like. Be Safe !!!

Yes we are truly Want to Bee’s  GRAND PARENTS and we LOVE IT Too !!




Well a good thing about being delayed from out Winter Escape is we were able to help at Church. We go to a Church that believes Giving comes from the Heart. The Pastor Don Borling has a strong spot in his Heart for Veterans.  Hey one of the reasons I Love the Guy !!


Well Sunday the Church had the Blind Veterans from Hines Hospital come down for Lunch. I have helped at this event before and a Veteran explained why they are at Hines.They are loosing their Sight and the VA is helping them adjust to a new life without Sight. ( Think about that ) I love helping at this event, the Bus loaded wit America’s Hero pulls in with a Motorcycle Escort and the Church's Drive way lined with American Flags !!!! Makes you Proud to be American and a Veteran too.




One of our members helping a Veteran here Pastor Don Welcoming each and every veteran to our Church


Heck we even had a couple Women Veterans they were a treat to talk too.


All the Veteran's were presented with a Hero Hat from our Church. That also followed by a Lunch of What Else a Veteran’s Favorite Hamburgers and Brats and Hot Dogs along with a ton of Salads' of every kind. I was approved by a Church official to work the Grill.

Wait did I forget a Soldier’s favorite drink Beer (yes that’s Beer in Church) and Soda or Don’s Swedish Coffee (guaranteed to fill pot holes) I Love the Coffee my self. Well it wouldn’t be lunch without Cake and we had Plenty too.   When the bus pulled out Tears were shed by most as we watched our senior Veterans going back to the great Hines Hospital.

This is not the only thing the Church does for Veterans as they also Sponsor a Bingo at Manteno Veterans Home. I always Love this Heart Warming Event.  

Friday, October 18, 2013



Well I’m getting Hitch Itch Again Bad Too ?? OK Hitch Itch is an a RVer term. That means I want to get Rolling. We have had the RV serviced at Twin Lakes RV Service in Indiana. Then we were off to Boonsville Mo. to get the suspension checked.  Well all systems GO !!! We have an Escapees Rally in Thomson Illinois. Then back home for a couple weeks and Bye Bye !! We are hoping to roll out west. going on I 80 to pick up a few more states on our Map. This trip may change with weather changes. I watch people shoveling Snow in Colorado. I’m thinking Snow, Mountains & RV’s don’t Mix. 

I have a plan for our route, but as our plans are written in Jell-O a good shake and the plans go out the window. I really like it that way too. Marti and I are Happy Happy with that style of traveling. We don’t know where we’ll be Sleeping at night, but we do know we’ll be in our own Bed. Ok we may have a Dog and a Cat there too.

I was chomp pin at the bit to Get on the Road !! Target Date October 14th Wait Yogi needed to get his toffies cleaned. Ok we’ll wait a week. Next target date Oct. 21st. Wait I need some Meds. OK call the Doc. Nurse say’z Come in for a Check- Up WHAT ??? OK but we’re leaving Monday. No Problem Ya Right !! I go Friday the 18th OK just hope everything goes right.

Thursday waiting for the Doc. Nurse checks Blood Pressure Good !! OK now they want an EKG wait I didn’t study for that but it was good. Ok thing are going my way finally. Wait the Doc. say’z think you need a Stress Test WOW now this don’t sound good for a Monday roll out. Nurse say’z call this number Ok hey they are open till Six. I called and get a date November 1st. WHAT so I start Crying I get another date of Thursday the 24th OK wait it takes 5 day’z to get results. I called the nurse she promised better return date


Marti always’z goes with me to make sure she Get’s the Whole Story


So once again I’m or We are on Hold !!! Again !!! Trouble is come the last week of October the Army Corp of Engineers  parks are closing for the Winter. I was trying to Stay Cheap on the way down for the winter. I have planned three different routes for our travels. The first was out I –80 but that plan got Scraped as the Snow started falling in the West. The other routes are South for now. Well I better Study for this Stress Test bye for now.