Livin Our Dream

Marti and Wayne's New Home on Wheels
2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

………….FINALLY …………..GONE !!!!!!!


Well we really did it this time with all signals go. The Mobile Suite is working fine too. We drove to Caruthersville Mo.some 430 miles and stayed at a casino Cheap Marti lost 9 Bucks I didn’t gamble !!

We rolled out in the morning for Little Rock Ar. We  stayed in the City park Pass Port America also Cheap. I wanted to see Bill Clinton’s Library. My back wasn’t up for the walk so we passed Dam.

We rolled out the next morning to Fort Worth Texas to a COE Park yep Cheap too. we are here a week, then down toward Austin Tx, for a week. We are spending Thanks Giving with our RV Friends Jim & Phyllis. We are going to Alaska with them too.

Marti & I wish you all a Happy Thanks Giving Day  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

………..VETERANS DAY ………2013

Well we started out with a slow Veterans Day today. I thought about how our Great Country has Sold Out to Big Business. What is Veterans Day like any other Holiday a SALE !!!!
We were ready to roll south but we wanted to get the kids a new TV so I stopped at Best Buy. Well my day changed after that, I got a note on my windshield of the car. I thought another ad, I looked around and No other Cars had it. Wow it was raining but I opened it up.IMG_0833 The note read
Dear Veteran
Thank You for your Sacrifice and your Courageous Contributions to Peace and Freedom.
Your efforts are not Forgotten,
A Grateful Citizen
I have Never had this happen, when the Tears in my eyes were gone I sure had a Dam Good Living for the rest of the day.
I can say I’m Proud to be an AMERICAN time have changed from when I got home from Viet Nam over 40 years ago.
I was glad we went shopping !!! Thank You Grateful Citizen !!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013




I Had my stress test and some what passed. We got the all is good from the Doctor. Ok we roll out Tuesday the 29th of October finally. We wanted to go to Metropolis Illinois. I wanted to see my Twin Brothers home yep Super Man. Well we got into the state park filled up with water and parked. Now just level up ok push the button, everything goes good. OK now push the sliders out, Crap the problem slide isn’t happy and won’t slide out, OK I’ll talk to it, Ok now I’ll try talking nice. I finally get the slide out and the others go out no problems. Ok everything is good, well in my mind I keep thinking will the slide come back in ??? We bed down for the night I slept like a Baby.

Wed. I’m up early thinking will this slide go back in or ??? we had a nice morning talking about this Great life. Both still wondering about the slide. OK I tell Marti let’s try the slide, I didn’t want to do it. Well just like I thought we got Problems. O’Crap well now what, I have Marti work the controls and I pull on the slide. We got it back in that only took an Hour.

Marti asks what we gona do now ?? she really knew the answer. Go Back Home. We did have a nice ride to the bottom of the state. I was not Happy but I figured ………. OK WAIT ….Marti doesn’t have her Cancer back, I got the Ok from my Doctors. Life could be a lot worse. Ten years ago I would be Puking, Today I rethink our Life and the Little Things Really don’t mean Crap. Just a wiggle in the life’s road.

We got home Wed. called around to Indiana to Twin Lakes RV Service and to DRV the Factory. I got returned calls and then I thought lets Trade Up. I know I got to be Nuts, Ya I Know !!!


Just bet we could get some good MPG’s with this guy. Just don’t think my back would like this one.


We toured our Local Dealer Thursday and back Friday. Marti and I have decided to up grade to a new model Yep the same brand. I priced new units on the net and got some different pricing WOW. There pricing was all over the board too. Our local dealer was high too and was too proud of their unit. I think they may see Snow on that unit. We did get the Sales Pitch too. Come on Wayne Help me out. You got to come up with your price NOPE !!!! Well no new unit Friday, funny how they told me We’re trying to help you get back on the road. That’s true too but at the cost to my Wallet !!!


Notice the Dishwasher now that’s real Ruff in it !!!


Saturday I called the Factory to see when we can get in for service. We will be waiting on Monday to hear word on when they can get us in for service.I will stay out with the trailer and I want to be in on the decisions  about the problem and the fix. I’m hoping Monday I’ll get a call on when to come back in.  

Monday we will be getting some quotes on the new unit. I’m sure hoping I don’t have to stay home and buy a Snow Shovel. Wait I’ll use Old Yeller.