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Friday, August 22, 2014

Well I was Surfing Face Book Again

OK I was surfing the net, then over to F/B. Bad Move. I was reading our vet just got a Kitten turned in. Well do you see where this is going?
Yep Gus got a Brother well maybe. Well we bring Gus to meet the little guy, can you say Not Good !!! There was a hissing contest and we're not sure who won. Well-being one not NO we went back to more times, yep and more hissing. The Vet Tech Abby thought everything would be ok at home. Well Bogart went home with us and well a lot of hissing, but NO Fights yet. The two boys are buddies and yes they are great travelers too.
OK who thinks this guy is going back to the Peotone Animal Hospital ???? Thanks everyone !!!!!!
Yep they both like the Bed too. We are thinking of name him Bandit What do You think ??? Ok well I changed his name again, this time to
Rudy !!!

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