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2014.5 Elite Suites 38 RSSA with Vanity slide Custom built for them by the fine Amish Craftmen at DRV.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


We were home too long so off we went where ? a trip to Iowa. We were off to see the Ferners. We met them in Texas a couple years ago and became great friends. We had a short stop in Rockford IL. Then off to DE Moines Ia. we stay in a COE park, why ?? cause I’m Cheap and it’s a Beautiful place.
DSC_0035   DSC_0033
one morning Mark & Linda came over for Breakfast and of course it was great.
Lookie the old girl can’t keep her hand’z off me !!!!
We went out to a couple Beer Joint’s too, good food too. We played with the new camera to figure out how to get it to work better. wait I guess that would be for me to learn how to make me better. the camera was on a tripod using remote control. Hey just like TV.IMG_1282
I love a good Selfie too That’s all Folks

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