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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Well today our plans dried up again, we went to the VA for appts. We planned to Roll Out on October 14, but I’m scheduled for Surgery on the 6th of Oct. I asked if we could roll and the two Dr.s said Hell No. Well so much for the old Collage try !!


The first was to the Dr. that knocks you out. They are wondering how Big of a Hammer to use on me. Then another EKG and a Chest X-Rays did I say wait. Hey I got all day so I’m good. We had great service at Hines VA Hospital and I can say first hand this VA Hospital puts Veterans First !!! I did hear some complaining but some people are Never Happy !!! Well my appt. lasted Two hours as they crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s.


Then on up to see the Dentist. Man O Man I’m scared of them too. I failed at the X-Rays too. The girls in the clinic are the best too, as they dealt with me.Dentist said well there is a lot to do in my mouth. I told him of our Winter Plans, to that he responded the teeth will wait. They said I should schedule a cleaning OK. Now catch this one Tech  say’z I’ll get him now. Woo That my friend is service !!! Well to top that off the Lady was a fellow RVer. So my Choppers are Whittle now. 


Ok I’m done now just waiting for Cardiac Clearance form the Heart Dr’s.  Then one hernia repair and We’re Off to points Unknown !!!!! 

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  1. It is with heavy heart and a friend of over 25 years , that Wayne has passed away Wednesday October 8th , 2014 . Lying in State , on Sunday , at Colonial Chapel 15525 South 73rd Ave , Orland Park , Illinois .